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Men's Fancy Dance

Beaded Fancy Dance Outfit There are many variations in today's Fancy Dance outfits.  All dancers wear a roach, and most dancers wear beaded headbands with a rosette on the front. Normally, a beaded and fringed yoke is worn over the shoulders and a beaded apron at the waist. In addition to their aprons, Fancy Dancers wear beaded cuffs and side drops to cover their thighs while dancing. For footwear, beaded moccasins are worn, with bells at the knees and Angora hide around the calf. The signifying mark of a Fancy Dancer is his bright, twin bustles that are made from feathers decorated with dyed hackle feathers and plumes. One bustle is tied around the neck, and the other is tied to the waist. Matching arm bustles are also worn.

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